Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being the 'giver' is not enough

Into the wilderness of the night and in solitude I find comfort. And in someone else's solitude I want to provide comfort. I can see someone in pain and hurting, and I want to comfort them but I cannot. Because I am not the one they need the comfort from. Its said that you should be the giver without having any expectations in return. But is the wish to 'Give' enough? Doesn't it matter whether what you're giving is even needed by the taker. Sometimes people need exactly what you have to offer, but you're not the one they want it from. What do you do then, with this little treasure of comfort and care that you have in abundance, and you want to share it with someone? And what do you do when you want to be the provider but you're just not needed. The taker should have the need to 'take' from you. You cannot force someone to find comfort in what you have to offer, just because you want to offer it.

I guess the best one can do is to let the other party know what you have to offer, let go of the person, and just hope that they stop hurting and find the comfort that they need, even if it is not you who's providing it. If they want, they'll come back to you.

Random unrelated thought:
"A mess is an expression of the soul"

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Anonymous said...

dun know, shud i laugh or cry..
yeah, just will is not enough, i guess.