Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What to do?

So what do you do when your worst fears come true? Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst, they say. And why is it that when your fears are realized, none of those preparations are useful anymore. The things around you don't matter, all your hopes and aspirations come crashing down in an instant, no matter how much you saw this coming. Its like gravity has suddenly pulled you so hard that you fall flat on your face. It hurts, but that "preparation for the worst" kept the anticipation so high that now you are numb to everything. You can't even shed a tear, because for sometime, you cannot comprehend anything around you. You see yourself falling, but you can't see what's above you and what's beneath. You don't know where you started falling from, and where you'll drop. And while you are falling, you see these ropes that you can grab and hang onto. Now you don't know which option to choose, should you hang onto one of the ropes and wait for someone to rescue you, to tell you what lies ahead. Or should you keep falling into the nothingness, hopeful that the view clears out soon and you know what lies beneath, hoping that when you finally fall it doesn't hurt as bad. Logic and Reason say that its safer to hold onto the rope. But all you really want to do is to keep falling. Which one of the options is really the safe one or the right one here? And can you really decide which one will hurt less?

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Adi said...

Really the best option would be leave your rope and try to see where you go from there. Its absolutely ridiculous to assume that it is or its going to hurt when you land. Assumption is that you will hit the ground.... if you dont know whats to come, how do you know there's ground? Perhaps mixing metaphors with the phsyical restrictions of our three dimension world clearly has you in the grasp. Key substance here is that whether it is pain , or someone catches you... either way its a new territory and a new experience. So don't hold on that rope and experience! :-)